01.10.2016 11:54

We invite you to visit the exhibition ”Arms and Security 2016” with the participation of ICTech company!

We invite you to visit the XIII International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security – 2016” to be held in Kyiv from 11 to 14 October 2016, in the International Exhibition Centre.

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25.09.2016 12:06

Features of complex multi-layered PCBs design. Lessons of the practical workshop

On September 20 2016, IKT company held a one-day practical seminar in Kharkiv on the topic “Features of designing complex multilayer printed circuit boards using components in BGA packages. Design of multilayer printed circuit boards with high-speed digital interfaces.” This seminar, in fact, is an updated and expanded repetition of the seminar held in May 2016in Kiev. Its re-conducting was due to the increased interest of the audience in high-speed PCB design and PCB design using components in BGA packages.

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27.08.2016 12:29

IKT presents a catalog od ITS own products ▬ band microwave filters

Institute of Computer Technologies presents a catalog of in-house microwave bandpass filters designed for use in transceiver equipment for industrial and military purposes. Scopes of application: navigation equipment galileo, glonass, gps terrestrial and satellite radio equipment l-band, s-band telemetry digital radio satellite television meteorological and scientific satellites mobile communications equipment gsm, umts

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15.06.2016 11:48

IPC standarts: what a successful manufacturer should know

To achieve high product quality and competitiveness, it is necessary to strive for perfection at all stages of the production process. The current domestic standards for the production of electronic products have rather a long “age” and have not been revised for a long time, which significantly complicates the entry of domestic manufacturers into the international market.

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20.05.2016 11:29

Workshop on the design of multi-layer printed circuit boards

On May 16, 2016 in Kyiv, in the conference hall of Rus Accord Hotel ICTech company held the 1-day seminar on the topic: “Features of design of complex multilayer printed circuit boards with components in BGA package. Design of multilayer printed circuit boards with high-speed digital interfaces”.

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20.01.2016 11:20

Institute of Computer Technologies received the status of official IPC distributor

Since January 2016 the company Institute of Computer Technologies has become the official distributor of IPC – International Electronics Industry Association.

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13.01.2016 11:07

Institute of Computer Technologies held a seminar on the design of printed circuit boards for the staff of PJSC STC «ELEKTRONPRYLAD»

11 January 2016 ICTech held a local seminar. “Design of printed circuit boards with SMD-components”

Speaker – Ihor Baranovskyi – Head of PCB design department.

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25.12.2015 10:32

Institute of Computer Technologies will participate in the exhibition «Arms and Security 2015»

Institute of Computer Technologies invites its customers and all interested persons to visit the exposure of printed circuit boards and high-speed special-purpose electronic modules on the company’s stand during the XII International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security 2015”.

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