IPC Standards


To achieve high quality of manufactured electronic products, certain criteria must be met at all stages of product manufacturing, from product development, delivery of components to assembly and commissioning.

The most authoritative regulatory documents in the field of design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and electronic devices are the standards of the International Association of Electronics Manufacturers IPC.

IPC standards are recognized worldwide. Many of them are accepted and approved by national and international institutes and standardization organizations, for example, EIA, JEDEC, ANSI, SMEMA, Sematech, DoD, Joint Industry Standards, SEMI, JSA, MIL, IEC  etc.

Using IPC standards allows you to:

  • provide controlled quality and reliability of the final product,
  • increase the effectiveness of interaction with suppliers and employees,
  • reduce the cost price of manufactured products.

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The presence of a standard in the workplace guarantees its use in daily work.