Features of complex multi-layered PCBs design. Lessons of the practical workshop


On September 20 2016, IKT company held a one-day practical seminar in Kharkiv on the topic “Features of designing complex multilayer printed circuit boards using components in BGA packages. Design of multilayer printed circuit boards with high-speed digital interfaces.” This seminar, in fact, is an updated and expanded repetition of the seminar held in May 2016in Kiev. Its re-conducting was due to the increased interest of the audience in high-speed PCB design and PCB design using components in BGA packages.

In the first part of the seminar, the attention was focused on issues of technical regulation and standardization, on the problem of the absence in Ukraine modern government standards in the field of electronics. The seminar participants learnt about the activities of the international IPC association and the nomenclature of IPC standards. Particular attention was paid to IPC standards, which are the most popular and relevant for the Ukrainian electronics market.

Considering the wishes and comments of the Kiev seminar participants, the section devoted to a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the most used CAD systems for the design of modern electronic equipment was significantly expanded. The features of Cadence products were described in detail: OrCAD PCB Designer, PSpice Designer, Allegro PCB Designer, Allegro FPGA System Planner, Allegro Sigrity SI / PI and Optimization Option, which are the leading solutions for the design and simulation of complex multilayer printed circuit boards.

The audience of the seminar participants, for the most part, consisted of people who participated in the IKT seminar for the first time. All of them had certain experience and knowledge in the field of software design, often very specific and not necessarily related to the development of high-speed printed circuit boards or PCBs using components in BGA packages.

For many designers, the only source of new knowledge is the Internet and various forums. Indeed, modern Internet resources have a huge supply of information. However, finding the right one often requires a considerable investment of time. In addition, the abundance of information leads to the fact that an engineer can simply get lost in a flow of various materials, often not of the first freshness and not always reliable.

The task of the Institute of Computer Technology seminars is to convey to the developers and manufacturers of electronics in concentrated form the principal information that will help to choose the most rational, technically sound solutions that can ensure the manufacturability of the boards and the product as a whole.

A useful feature of the seminar was the demonstration of sample projects implemented by IKT for its customers. They clearly show the technological capabilities of modern industries. Many of the technological solutions presented so far are unique to the Ukrainian electronics market.

In addition, each participant was able to get individual advice on their current projects and issues in the design, manufacture and supply of printed circuit boards.

Seminar attendees noted the usefulness and necessity of holding such educational seminars, which would inform about new trends in design, advanced technologies, typical mistakes in board design and possible solutions.

Seminar Visitor Reviews

“I didn’t have a great desire to go to the seminar, probably because in my practice I used only the TQFP, QFN, LQFP packages. I didn’t even consider projects with BGA cases in the future, because I didn’t know where to start and what could be the nuances in the design, and there were no such tasks.

I really liked your seminar, changing my opinion about projects with BGA packages. It would have taken a lot of my time to understand this technology myself. For me, this information gave a good impetus. Now I will know what to pay attention to in projects, what materials to choose and other peculiarities in the design. For me, as a person who didn’t know this material, the seminar was well laid out and understandable. Thanks so much for the workshop! I will be very glad to attend your seminars once again, of course, if my company managers approve it.”

Shubin A.E., design engineer of the company “MONADA”, Kherson

“The workshop was very useful. Particularly IPC standards interest aroused interest. I wanted to get acquainted in more detail with 2221A, 2222, A-600G, A-610, 4101 and 7351. Although I have been working with printed circuit boards almost all my life, some of the features of the design, technology and use of multilayer printed circuit boards were new to me. Currently, multilayer printed circuit boards are rare for us, but everything can change in one day. “

Valentin Averkov, Head of Design Bureau of State Enterprise “Izium Instrument-Making Plant”, Izium

 “There are no questions on the seminar itself. The presentation of material and the event organizing were excellent. The main topic is a little out of my basic specialization. I am interested in this topic only personally, not within my main job duties, but the material was still understandable and comprehensive.

As for the wishes – I would like to visit a similar seminar, but on the topic of power electronics: circuitry, PCB design for power supplies, control of power actuators, etc. plus boards design combining power and signal parts. ”

Kulakov Sergey, electronic engineer, SE Kharkiv machine-building plant “FED”

“Our company has long been engaged in the design of printed circuit boards, but these are two-layer boards of medium and high complexity. Despite this, it was useful to listen to a lecture on modern CAD, multilayer  PCB design, design of BGA-packager. Information about IPC standards was useful.

Igor Vasilievich is a true professional in his field. The material was presented easily and readily, in a living language, visual material helped a lot. The organization of the seminar was on a high modern level, it was very interesting and comfortable. Thank you, please, invite more. ”

Svetlana Kolesnikova, Head of Sector, NPP Hartron Express, Kharkiv

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