Cooperation with us allows domestic and foreign electronics manufacturers to focus on their main tasks: creating new ideas and marketing their products. We will take care of manufacturing and components procurement.

Our team is ready to get involved in the process of creating an electronic product of a customer at any stage: from the development of a prototype to mass production.

We help customers to find the best technical solutions, as well as optimize the cost of the product with a flexible components supply system.


On August 3, 2018 the quality management system of Ukrainian scientific research Institute of computer technologies Ltd was certified by the international body TÜV SÜD for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 for services:

– design and supply of printed circuit boards, electronic components and other componentry for the production of electronic products;

– electronics design and development;

– electronics manufacturing services.

QUALITY POLICY Ukrainian scientific research institute of computer technologies


IKT has been a member of the Association connecting electronics industries IPC since 2011.

IPC international standards are unified for representatives of the electronics industry worldwide. Regardless of where the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, assembly of electronic components will be carried out, with the application of IPC standards the customer will receive the expected quality, and contractors, regardless of their number, will unambiguously interpret the requirements for production.

Since 2016 the company "Ukrainian scientific research institute of computer technologies" has been the official distributor of IPC in Ukraine. You can find standards that can be ordered through IKT in the online IPC store http://shop.ipc.org/standards.

As a part of the agreement signed with IPC, IKT also provides the following services for Ukrainian electronics manufacturers:

Organizing participation in webinars, exhibitions, conferences and seminars held by IPC.

Consulting on modern standards for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies.

Conducting training courses on the IPC program for electronics developers and assembly specialists.

Assisting in registering as IPC member.